Promote Public Involvement

Council Goal #7

Council Goal Icon #7

Create a Northlake Citizens Police Academy

By establishing the Northlake Citizens Police Academy, the Town will engage and build relationships with residents, provide education about the operations of a law enforcement agency, and generate interest in law enforcement and public safety issues. In the Fall of 2021, the Town completed its first Citizens Police Academy with a graduating class of twelve.

Measure and Track Citizen Satisfaction

The Town aims to ensure that Northlake citizens enjoy a high quality of life and that Town staff and services meet citizen expectations. The Town of Northlake has conducted a Citizen Satisfaction Survey every two years since FY 2009-10. In the most recent survey, citizen satisfaction regarding the quality of life in Northlake was high, with more than 91% of respondents indicating that the quality of life in Northlake was good or excellent.