Effectively Manage Public Resouces

Council Goal #3

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Plan and Budget for Future Community Amenities

Community amenities can energize a town or city by providing places to gather, play, relax, and exercise. The Town of Northlake has pursued a strategy of encouraging single-family and multi-family residential developments to bring in and create amenities for citizens. As a result, the Town of Northlake boasts a variety of amenities, such as playgrounds, pools, and dog parks, that help raise the quality of life for residents living in the various developments found in Northlake.

Ensure Disciplined Financial Management

As our population and number of customers served grows, so do the costs to provide services. Spending per person served is a metric of efficiency and discipline in financial management. The Town is serving more customers, but the average cost per customer is also decreasing year over year. In the past four years, spending per person served has reduced from $640.20 to $592.90, a $47.30 decrease or 7%. The primary reason for this decrease is limiting personnel growth from year to year and only when a pressing need is presented.

Balance Budget While Investing in Future Capabilities

The ending fund balance for the General Fund has grown continuously over the past four years from $3,075,444 to $4,276,277 or 39%. These reserves directly result from revenues exceeding expenditures, which is the definition of a balanced budget. Fund Balance is one of the few resources the Town has complete control over and can use to invest in our future capabilities. A high fund balance decreases the Town's reliance on debt for items like equipment or new facilities. High reserves are also looked upon favorably by bond rating agencies.

Recruit and Retain Highly Qualified and Motivated Personnel

Ensuring a high quality of service for residents requires highly qualified and motivated staff. To accomplish this, the Town has added almost 25 full-time employees (FTEs) since 2019. These staff additions have allowed the Town to work towards expanding its ability to provide quality service while ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of Town operations for Northlake residents.