Cost Recovery Fund

Fund Description

Established in 2001, The Cost Recovery Fund accounts for fees paid by water customers (mainly developers) that contribute to the expansion of Northlake's water infrastructure in response to increases in water-related demands. The revenue generated within the Cost Recovery Fund must be used exclusively toward funding water capital improvement projects (generally necessitated by the rise in demand).

FY 2022 Changes

  • Transferred $1,200,000 to the Water Capital Projects Fund for the North Area Water Ground Storage Tank

FY 2021 Overview

Ending Fund Balance

Ending fund balance in the Cost Recovery Fee continues to increase. In FY 2022 Town Council will consider using the proceeds to fund a new ground storage tank in the north part of town.

Revenue Driver

The revenue from the cost recovery fee is driven by new home starts in the Harvest Residential Community. As the population grows so does this revenue source.

Fund Data Table