Responsibly Manage Growth

Council Goal #8

Council Goal Icon #8

Adhere to the Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is the official guide for the growth of the Town. It provides the framework and policy direction for creating land use and development regulations. The current plan, Pathway to 2040 Northlake Comprehensive Plan Update, was adopted by Town Council on December 8, 2016, following an inclusive public participation process, including Town Hall meetings and surveys, an interactive strategic foresight lab and developer roundtable, several steering committee meetings and Town Council workshops, and finally a public hearing before adoption.

Preserve Public Parks and Open Space

As Northlake continues to grow and develop, they need to provide citizens with a place to encounter nature within a suburban setting becomes more important. To do so, the Council has promoted the preservation of public parks and open space. While Northlake does not have any public parks, the Town has promoted open space within various new residential developments. As of the fiscal year 2020-21, these developments have preserved almost 255 acres of open space. You can learn more about parks and open spaces by viewing the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan.

Support Mixed-Use Development Where Appropriate

The Ruby

The Town of Northlake required the developer of The Ruby at Chadwick Commons to build at least 10,000 SF of retail space to encourage a mixed-use. The retail center constructed in front of the Ruby contains a coffee shop, donut shop, nail salon, and a dentist's office. The southeast area of the Town is one of the few areas designated by the comprehensive plan for mixed-use developments.

Limit High Density Development

By working to limit high-density development through effectively managed growth, the Town of Northlake hopes to build a strong community that honors the rural legacy of the Town's past. Compared to other municipalities in the area, the Town of Northlake has the lowest housing units per square mile of any neighboring community.

Ensure Sustainable Development Through Strategic Planning

They are developing sustainable means ensuring that growth occurs in residential and commercial property tax values. This ensures that the costs of new services are spread out and do not result in higher taxes on residents. Substantial growth in the commercial sector led to the Town increasing the residential homestead exemption from 5% to 20%, the state maximum.