Define And Strengthen Our Identity

Council Goal #2

Council Goal Icon #2

Secure A Northlake Post Office

Under the current criteria, the postal service's metric for determining when to establish a zip code and new post office is 25,000 new delivery destinations. The Town and service area population will need to reach at least 35,000 before it starts approaching the criteria, thus making it unlikely that the Town will secure a Northlake Post in the next five years.

A Post Net facility opened in Northlake Commons in 2021. This postal center services all major postal carriers.

Create a Northlake Town Center

A town center can play a crucial role in energizing an area, strengthening community bonds, and providing a place to enjoy local food, retail, and services. The 105,000 sq ft Northlake Commons, which began opening its doors to tenants in 2018, will help fulfill the role of a Northlake Town Center. The development already houses the Northlake Town Hall and Police Department, provides community services such as health, beauty, and pet care and will soon include several restaurants.

Build an Event/Conference Center

Building and operating an event/conference center can help promote Northlake's brand to the larger public while also providing additional revenues for the Town. Northlake has made strides in building an event/conference center by purchasing land on Northport Drive and Dale Earnhardt Way, contracting with a builder and facility manager, and developing an initial site plan.

Develop an Identifiable Northlake Brand

The Town of Northlake's brand is more than a logo; it is a visual representation of who the Town is, where the Town has been, and where it has yet to go. It is about how the Town engages with the public and stakeholders, builds a sense of community, and creates trust among its members. As Northlake grows, the Town must define and strengthen its identity through consistent messaging and visual representation. A consistent, recognizable brand allows the Town to communicate quickly and effectively with residents and visitors while making a mark on the region as a great place to live, work, and stay. Click here to view the Town of Northlake's Brand Style Guide and learn more about the Northlake brand.