Budget In Brief

A high-level budget overview


The adopted budget includes total revenues of $33,753,618 and expenditures of $52,966,936. Expenditures exceed revenues by $19,213,318 due to $23,997,202 of capital improvements in the Capital Projects Fund & Water Capital Projects Fund. Excluding capital improvements, the overall budget contains a surplus (revenues over expenditures) of $4,783,884.

The fund balance of the General Fund is projected to increase by $184,749.


The Town of Northlake has experienced rapid growth in population and utility customers over the past five years. This has driven the need for additional staffing to maintain service levels to keep up with service demand. The Town added nine positions in the fiscal year 2022. This includes three (3) police department positions, three (2) positions for public works, (2) positions for development services, and one (1) administrative position. The Town also performed an adjustment to bring employees to 50% of the market and added longevity pay. The total personnel budget for all funds is $6,275,206.

Technology & Equipment

Along with increases in staffing, equipment and technology requirements also continue to increase. The Town added 2 new patrol vehicles, replaced 4 vehicle in the police fleet, 2 new public works trucks, replaced 2 public works vehicles, taser upgrade, 5 backup radio units, trench shoring, and 10 license plate readers. Technology improvements include a cloud-based police video storage system. The budget for both the Technology Fund and Equipment fund totals $1,078,698.

Capital Projects

This year's budget included projects totaling $24,397,202; this consists of the following: Repair of Canyon Falls & Dale Earnhardt Road Failures, Florance Road Reconstruction (Strader to Yarbrough), Faught Road Reconstruction (Old Justin to Robson Ranch), North Elevated Water Storage Tank, South Elevated Water Storage Tank, South Area Pump Station, South Area Ground Storage Tank, Southern Transmission Water Line, Catherine Branch Water and Sewer Projects (Phase I & II), Development Services Office Finish Out, North Ground Water Storage Tank, Water Line Oversizing Participation, and Denton Creek Sewer Trunk Line - Phase I (Study).