Town Secretary

Town Secretary

The Town Secretary is responsible for the legislative operations of the Town and serves as the Elections Administrator and the Records Management Officer. The Town Secretary also coordinates the Board and Commission appointment process, publication and posting of official public meeting notices, codification of the Code of Ordinances and Unified Development Code, and manages the processing of all public information requests.

FY 2021 Accomplishments

  1. Conducted General Election & Special Charter Election in compliance with all State and Federal Rules and Regulations
  2. Enabled, Updated, and Implemented electronic voting capabilities for all boards and commissions
  3. Created Public Information Request Tracker on Town Website to more efficiently serve requestors and allow staff to track all requests in a centralized location

FY 2022 Goals

  1. Create and implement a Records Management Plan
  2. Implement an Agenda Management System to sync with the existing voting module
  3. Implement an Electronic Records Management System to enable the digitization of records

FY 2022 Changes

In 2021, the Town appointed and hired a new Town Secretary for only the second time in Town history.

The Town Secretary department is budgeted out of the General fund and only has one employee. The primary expenditures for this department are personnel, making up 72% or $123,037 of the total budget. The other driver of costs is third-party services at 17% or $29,000, which is mostly the cost of elections. Elections and advertising costs have increased over the past four years, with more requirements placed on Texas municipalities. Internal services and supplies make up the remaining 11% of departmental expenditures.

Record Creation

One of the primary tasks of a Town Secretary is being the Records Management Officer. Council and other boards as legislative bodies generate new pieces of legislation that must be constantly and consistently recorded. The Town Secretary ensures all items are recorded in a timely and legal manner that follows state and federal laws. The above totals show the number of records created by type over the past two years.

Public Information Requests

As a government entity, the Town of Northlake is subject to the Texas Public Information Act, which requires the Town to release specifically requested information. Requests often include council minutes, plats, agendas, and financial information. The Town Secretary ensures that information is released pursuant to the timelines set forth in the Texas Public Information Act.

Notarial Services

Like other departments and positions, the Town Secretary seeks to serve the Citizens of Northlake. One service that the Town Secretary offers is notarial services.