Police Department

Village of Northfield, IL FY2023-24 Approved Budget


The Northfield Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency with responsibility for traffic and law enforcement, criminal investigations, parking enforcement, crime prevention, public education, and general services. The Department also contributes to and receives assistance from specialized regional policing resources including:

  • Glenview Joint Emergency Telephone Systems Board (911 dispatching).
  • Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPAS) for hostage/barricade incidents, high-risk warrant services, major crime scene search and rescue missions, dignitary protection, and mobile field force.
  • North Regional Major Crimes Task Force (NORTAF) for homicides, kidnappings, and fatal and serious auto accidents.
  • Burglary Task Force
  • Northeastern Illinois Regional Crime Laboratory.
  • Cook County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC)
  • Lexipol Training
  • STARCOM regional radio system.

Significant Goals & Objectives

  • Continue to address recruitment challenges and attract highly qualified and diverse candidates to the Department.
  • Foster a culture of compliance with local codes to ensure the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare of our citizens.
  • Continue to monitor and enforce speed limits along community roadways to improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.
  • Provide a strong presence in the schools via the Officer Friendly, School Resource Officer, and specialized training programs.
  • Explore innovative programs and partnerships to maintain and/or enhance the current service levels at reduced costs.
  • Empower officers to proactively address community concerns and act as ambassadors for the Village.
  • Continue to foster a culture of accountability, efficiency, and transparency.
  • Build community relationships through community-oriented policing.

Staffing Summary

Performance Indicators

Fiscal Year 2023-24 Highlights

The Police Department budget contains the following notable items:

  • ´╗┐The budget reflects the temporary 20th officer approved by the Board in FY2022/23 and the "Salaries" and "Benefits" were increased accordingly.
  • The "Salaries" and "Benefits" were decreased by $13,500 to reflect the outsourcing of the crossing guards to Andy Frain through District 29. The Village has agreed to contribute $15,000 to this, which has been included in the "Consultants" line item.
  • The budget continues to fully fund the transfer to the Police Pension Fund at the actuarially recommended level - assuming we want to be 100% funded by 2040 (the State Statute only requires 90% funding by 2040). The FY2022/23 budget and year-end projection reflect the additional $250,000 contribution, approved by the Board.

Police Department Expenses

Police Department Expenditures for Fund/Dept 01-03