Special Board Projects

Village of Northfield, IL FY2023-24 Approved Budget

Budget Request and Cost Overviews:

The following special Board requested projects have been incorporated into the FY 23/24 budget:

1. Centennial Celebration: $20,000

2. Crosswalk Improvements: $60,000 (assumes $30,000 in grant funding can be secured)

3. Live Streaming of Village Board Meetings: Initial Cost of $25,676

4. Water Customer Portal: $21,000 set-up, plus an annual fee of $6,700

5. Wayfinding Signage: $30,000

The following special Board projects will be researched in FY 23/24, for possible funding in FY 24/25:

1. CIP Sidewalk Program

2. Comprehensive Plan Update

3. Village Hall and Police Department Exterior Lighting

Fiscal Year 2023-24 Projects

1. Centennial Celebration

Retain a consultant to help shape and plan for the Centennial Celebration. $20,000

2. Crosswalk Improvements

Implement rapid flashing beacons to improve pedestrian crosswalk safety at Lagoon/Winnetka Road, Wagner Road/Bosworth Lane and Northfield Road at the pedestrian bridge. $60,000 total - assumes $30,000 in Invest in Cook grants can be secured.

3. Live Streaming of Village Board Meetings

Implementation of a live stream system to broadcast Village Board and other public meetings on our website. The purchase and installation of hardware and software for two automated cameras (because we do not have a videographer to operate the cameras), video decoder, switch, interconnect, and scheduling and conversion device will have an initial setup cost of $25,676, and an annual cost of $4,700.

4. Water Customer Portal

Implementation of a water customer portal for the new automated water meters. Initial setup and staff training will cost approximately $21,000, plus an annual fee of $6,700 - paid from the Water and Sewer Fund.

5. Wayfinding Signage

Implementation of the Phase I Wayfinding signage program to help direct motorists into the downtown and to key points (parking, library, police, etc.). $30,000

FY 23/24 Study Areas

1. Comprehensive Plan Update

Following the update of the Zoning Code, assess the updating of the Comprehensive Plan to ensure its post-pandemic market relevancy. Include the update work in the FY24/25 budget.

2. CIP Sidewalk Plan - Sidewalk Committee

In FY 23/24 create a Sidewalk Committee to develop a comprehensive sidewalk plan that can be incorporated into the Village's CIP and used to secure grants. The Committee will identify all of the locations within town where sidewalks desired, develop preliminary costs, identify right of way ownership (State, County, Village, or private); outline any drainage issues that will need to be addressed, and then prioritize locations for inclusion in future budgets.

Engineers estimate that new sidewalk will cost approximately $137 per linear foot, while removal and replacement of existing sidewalks will cost approximately $120 per linear foot. These estimates do not include any drainage installation.

3. Village Hall Lighting

Study the exterior lighting around the Village Hall and Police Department campus to determine ways to improve the exterior appearance of the building and improve safety and security. Include possible lighting upgrades in the FY24/25 budget.