NDOT Information About County Reimbursement Status

NDOT Information About Damage & Recovery Efforts for Counties


In mid-March Nebraska encountered significant weather that impacted much of the state’s transportation system. Melting snow, coupled with rain related flooding, resulted in exponential damage to our roads and bridges. The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT), with support from the Federal Highway Administration, determined that 43 counties suffered damage to federal-aid routes. The NDOT is now working with Local Agencies to reimburse entities for work on 179 local government sites with estimated damages of $47 million.

Immediately following the March 2019 flooding, Nebraska Local Agencies began working on repairing damage to the state’s transportation network. Now that the majority of the repairs have been completed, NDOT can begin the process of reimbursing the 43 impacted counties. As of now, no reimbursements have been made. In order for reimbursement to occur, the following must be done.

The Road to Reimbursement

For clarification, DDIR, stands for Detailed Damage Inspection Report and is approved by the FHWA. CE Approval would indicate environmental reviews and documentation are complete and approved. Floodplain Permit certifies that local public floodplain regulations have been met. Wetland Permits and Storm Water Permits are required to meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act. Railroad Certification is certification of any railroad relocations or impacts to railroad right-of-way. ROW Certification is to certify that the necessary right of way has been acquired in compliance with the provisions of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, or that no new right of way was required for this project, and that there were not any encroachments on the existing right of way or provisions for their removal or permitting have been made. Compliance Resolution shows that all work has been completed and all contracting requirements have been met. Invoices need to be received by the counties and approved by NDOT for Reimbursement to be issued. (Process may not be completed in this order)

The NDOT along with our local government partners will need to complete all the outlined steps in the graphic above. NDOT will assist local entities with the majority of required documentation and help walk through a step by step process. Most importantly, counties will need to submit their invoices (time, equipment, materials and contracts) for work done to complete the process.

Invoices can be submitted to:

Jodi Gibson

Local Assistance Division Manager

1400 Highway 2

Lincoln, Nebraska 68502

[email protected]

You can submit your invoices at any time and NDOT urges you to submit as soon as you are able to. To see where your county is in the reimbursement process for each impacted site, check out the map below.

Note: May-June Flood Sites will be added at a later date.

To utilize the map above and find out where your county is on the road to reimbursement click on the map then choose your county, this will prompt the map to show the sites in your county that are in the reimbursement process. A pop up box will give information on the sites in the chosen county such as control number, project costs and other basic information. The box will also show the status of each step of the process for reimbursement as either not started, in progress or complete. You can click on the segment itself as well to show the progress information. A red site segment, or status, means that the reimbursement process, or step, is 0-20% complete, yellow means it is 21-99% complete and green means it is 100% complete.

*Photos provided by Antelope County News and Cedar County News.