Highway 12 Progress

Temporary bridge at Mormon Canal opened August 91th. Permanent bridge replacement in Summer of 2020. Highway reconstruction east of Niobrara complete April 9, 2019.

Scope of Work - Two Bridges

Work includes the replacement of the washed out Mormon Canal Bridge and repairs to the damaged bridge just west of Niobrara.

As part of the work, a 24 foot wide temporary single lane bridge will be constructed near the site of the Mormon Canal Bridge. Traffic will be managed through the use of a temporary traffic signal that will allow traffic to cross the bridge one direction at a time. The permanent replacement bridge is designed to take into account the river and it's new needs.


Work began on June 5, 2019 on both bridges.

Mormon Canal Bridge: A temporary single lane bridge will be constructed by August 2019 at the Mormon Canal Bridge site to restore vital connectivity to the area. The replacement bridge is anticipated to be completed by Summer of 2020 at which time, the temporary bridge will be removed.

The second bridge, just west of town and over the Niobrara River, sustained damage to the west approach and the steel girders. The NDOT will be repairing this bridge and returning it to service.

Contractor and Cost

‚ÄčAfter following the emergency procurement process, the contract was awarded to Hawkins Construction out of Omaha, NE.

Estimated costs for replacement of both bridges as well as the temporary bridge is $44,170, 911.

Progress on Repair Work Accomplished

Since the initial flooding, significant repair work has been complete in the area, including:

Repairs were made to the bridge just southwest of Niobara, allowing NDOT to open the bridge up to single lane traffic until a replacement bridge can be constructed.

Additionally, Highway 12 east of Niobrara was completely reconstructed by April 9th with the combined work for K. Porter Construction and NDOT personnel.

Highway 12 East of Niobrara

Repair work on damaged sections of road east of Niobrara began on March 17th with completion occurring on April 9th. NDOT worked closely with K. Porter Construction out of Norfolk, Nebraska to achieve completion quickly. Approximately 1/4 of a mile of roadway was completely rebuilt in 24 days.

Highway 12 Verdel to Niobrara

This accelerated timeline was possible as a result of working closely with many people at NDOT and industry and tribal partners. To accomplish this work, NDOT was required to pump out washouts in the area to provide dry conditions to the contractor once they were on site. In addition, coordination with the local tribes to gain access to potential borrow pits to provide the necessary earth. NDOT was able to use millings from previous work to provide the foundation for the roadbed.

Highway 12 Finished Work East of Niobrara

Work began on Highway 12's roadways on March 17th, 2019. NDOT personnel worked closely with K. Porter Construction out of Norfolk, Nebraska to complete the roadway as soon as possible. Highway 12's roadway was open to traffic on April 9th, 2019.

District 3 Contact Information

Kevin Domogalla - District 3 Engineer

District Headquarters: Norfolk

Contact Number: 402-370-3470