The Building Inspections Division is at the forefront of development in South Padre Island working hand in hand with developers, contractors and property owners. The health, safety and welfare of the general public is protected through the enforcement of adopted codes and ordinances. Staff conduct plan reviews and inspections for code compliance, investigate and address violations related to our Code of Ordinance, and issue permits related to construction, beach weddings and signs.

Inspections Per Month

This chart indicates the number of inspections completed per month.

Inspection Response Time

This chart indicates the amount of time per hour from the moment an inspection is requested to the time the inspector arrives.

Right-of-way permits are needed by anyone digging, disturbing, etc., on City right-of-way or utility easements. For example, Spectrum, AT&T, Laguna Madre Water District, and general contractors are issued permits.

Value and Development

This graph displays the value of construction for each fiscal year and the amount of permit fees collected based on the valuations.The valuation is determined by calculating the total cost of materials and labor for the project.The following formula is used to determine the permit fee: $0.007 x Valuation = Permit Fee(Permit fees are omitted for City and approved not-for-profit projects.)

Plan Review Per Month

This chart tracks the total amount on new construction permits submitted per month.

Plan Review Response Time

This chart tracks the average amount of days taken to conduct a plan review from the time that a complete application packet is received to the time that the Plan Review Report is submitted to the applicant.