South Padre Island is primarily a tourist destination. Tourism drives Hotel Occupancy Tax, Sales Tax, Mixed Beverage Tax and influences property values, thereby impacting Property Tax.

Key Website Content

Key Website Content measures the effectiveness of our paid media campaigns to drive website traffic to specific blogs, pages and calendar events to

Outbound Partner Links

This metric measures the effectiveness of our hotel partner venues (all lodging from select service hotels to individual condo units) to drive website traffic to their specific properties.

PR Engagement

PR Engagement encompasses the measurement of all 'earned' media that we do not have to directly pay for. It includes all media mentions, stories, blogs, travel writers and publications South Padre Island is mentioned in.

Group Business Booked

This section includes all meetings, conventions and special event group business (tour bus groups, student groups, state associations, etc.) booked and confirmed for future dates on South Padre Island.

Group Leads Sent

This metric helps us measure the productivity and effectiveness of our sales teams, groups sales missions and our overall output in terms of potential future business to be booked.


This measures the occupancy of all hotels and condos on South Padre Island, by month.

Facebook Likes/Followers

In this section we report on one major aspect of social media platform health - Facebook likes and followers.

Facebook Engagement

This section measures the engagement of our paid social media efforts through Facebook and how often our followers click through and engage with our content.

Instagram Followers

This metric helps us measure the level of social media engagement with our visitors who create unique, user generated content.

Booking aRes

Our website booking engine, aRes, is a third party company which helps us provide a 'one-stop-shop' for visitors to our website to book directly on our lodging page. This saves them time and effort in a competitive booking environment.

Web Visits

This graph allows us to measure the total monthly traffic of visits to, thus providing insight on how the website is performing.

Website Click Through Rate

The website click through rate measures our paid media ad performance as well as the effectiveness of our marketing return on investment (ROI).

Paid Social Impressions

Website impressions measure the visitor traffic to specific pages on our website based on total clicks (special events, activities, accommodations, etc.)

Average Daily Rate

The average daily rate measures the average room cost, by month, for all rooms on South Padre Island during any given season.

Revenue Per Available Room

This metric measures the revenue per available room night and is a performance indicator for how well hotels and condo units and performing, based on the average daily rate and total occupancy in their venue.

Special Events

This measurement helps us graph the total number of City-sponsored special events taking place on South Padre Island.

Visitor Guides

As our media is marketed all over the US, interested visitors submit requests to receive more information about South Padre Island - this measures the number of guides sent out by our fulfillment house in San Marcos, TX.