Streets & Walkability

The City established a Master Thoroughfare Plan that serves as the primary tool to enable the City to preserve future corridors and to improve the existing street system.

Our goal is to have a walkable, driveable community that is also bicycling friendly.

Sidewalk Improvements

Promoting pedestrian friendly neighborhoods and streets, the City is devoted to improving and maintaining the sidewalks on an on-going basis.

The use of alternative forms of transportation is a choice that benefits personal health, reduces traffic congestion and air pollution, and enhances quality of life by creating opportunities for cost savings and social interaction.

Street Conditions

The Master Thoroughfare Plan locates and classifies streets by needed capacity for through traffic, access to land uses and compatibility with each street's development character.

The plan also helps identify streets in poor condition so plans for improvements can be made.

Improved Drainage

The City has also focused on proper drainage throughout the island and on its roadway network due to rising tides and sea levels.