South Padre Island is committed to preserving and restoring the local beaches to maintain our quality of life and sustain the local tourism-based economy.

City Beach Accesses

The City maintains many beach accesses that provide public access to the shoreline.This chart depicts the number of public beach accesses in the City limits.

Public Parking

The City provides designated public parking spaces for the community to have better access to the beach and to stay in compliance with state law.

Beach Nourishment

Sand placement will restore and protect the quality and function of the beaches and dunes of South Padre Island.Typically, the City uses dredge material for nourishment.This chart depicts the number of cubic yards of sand that has been placed annually.

Beach & Dune Permits Issued

Construction or maintenance to a beach front structure may require a Beach & Dune Permit to ensure the protection of dunes, vegetation and beach accesses.

Dune Breaks

Breaks within the dune field are identified as weak points to potential storm surges.SPI is working to decrease the number of dune breaks with a goal of 10' tall continuous dune system.