City Equipment

In the last year, our staff has undertaken several new initiatives to enhance the quality of service we deliver to the citizens and visitors of South Padre Island. These included business planning, DMAIC quality improvement processes and development of performance metrics.

DMAIC is a strategy used to improve processes. It is an acronym for the five phases that make up the process: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

Vehicle Classification

A Fleet DMAIC project was completed this year creating a methodology for ranking the condition and life expectancy of vehicles in the City’s fleet. Vehicles were rated from one to five, with one being best.

This chart illustrates how many vehicles the City has that are rated 2 or better.

Vehicle Maintenance

The DMAIC also addressed preventative maintenance, tracking and disposal of obsolete vehicles. By the end of the 2020 fiscal year, the City is scheduled to have the entire fleet comprised of vehicles rated two or better.

This chart illustrates how many vehicle maintenance requests the City receives monthly.

City Facilities

As City facilities age, it is critically important that preventative maintenance is done to extend the life of the asset.This chart shows how many issues the City has identified.

In early 2017, City staff undertook a DMAIC project to assess the current condition of City buildings and parks.


Staff developed a budget that would address immediate repairs. To validate the staff work, an expert was hired to fully assess all City facilities and to develop a preventative maintenance schedule for the next 25 years.

A reserve study was developed to ensure the City has the funds available to make needed repairs on schedule.

Facility Help Desk

The internal process for staff to submit work orders for assistance needed in many areas such as:

Cleaning, Repairs, Safety Concerns, Temperature, Control, And Much More!