2022 Final Approved Budget

As approved on December 14, 2021

Budget Process

Mt. Lebanon takes pride in the deliberative process used for the final approved budget. The 2022 Manager's Recommended Budget was released on November 1, 2021. Public budget workshops and public hearings were conducted in November and December. The 2022 final budget was passed on December 14, 2021.

2022 Final Budget - Ordinance No. 3343

2022 Final Budget PDF

Budget by Service Level

The final budget presented below is broken down by departmental service levels similar to the service level rankings found in the Manager's Recommended Budget. Only funded levels are shown.

Guide to Final Budget

Where applicable, further information on the service levels can be found on the page number indicated in the 2022 Manager's Recommended Budget.

The status column indicates the following:

F: Funded as part of the 2022 Manager’s Recommended Budget

A: Amended during 2022 Budget Workshops

C: Carryovers from the 2021 Budget to the 2022 Budget

General Government

Community Development

Public Works

Human Services


Public Safety

Capital Improvements & Debt Service