Camp Wawa Bridge 150

Capital Budget Submission

Project Details and Priority

Department: Assets and Infrastructure

Project Location: Lower Salford

Priority Level: A

  • A: Project underway and committed to via policy or legislation.
  • B: Work required as a result of urgent condition; deferment would mean increased operational (maintenance) expense and / or capital cost
  • C: Project represents stated (in adopted policy or legislation) County priority, will further County mission and / or reduce operational expense
  • D: Department identifies project as an improvement to County asset(s), can be deferred to accommodate higher priority project

Project Description

The Camp Wawa Road Bridge is located in Lower Salford Township. This bridge was built in 1937 and includes two spans, 158 feet long with 2,496 square feet of deck area above the east branch of the Perkiomen Creek.

Project Justification

The Camp Wawa Bridge was closed in 2013 as a structurally deficient bridge. The bridge is planned for rehabilitation, including the existing bridge walls and structural foundation.

Project Status

This project is currently in engineering and planning and construction is anticipated to begin in 2020 with completion in 2021.

Operating Budget Impact

Future maintenance of the bridge will require additional resource time, materials and supplies adding new annual operating expenditures beginning in 2021.

Grant Programs

This project is not eligible for existing grant funding and will be 100% funded through the County’s Motor Vehicle Registration Capital Fund.