FLT06 Tire Balancing Equipment for Currie

Project Details:

Project Start Date: 2021

Submitting Department: Public Works

Contact Person: Al Thunberg

Level of Need: High

Estimated Project Completion Date: 2023

Department Priority: High

Contact Phone Number: 612-673-5443

Project Location:

Address: 1200 Currie Av N, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Project Description:

Install/upgrade the tire balancing equipment at the Currie Maintenance Facility.

Purpose and Justification:

The new tire balancing equipment will minimize tire replacement costs by ensuring all City's fleet tires are balanced and rotated as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Tire balancing ensures a smoother, more comfortable ride, reduce tire and treadwear and help preserve your vehicle’s suspension and overall city's fleet maintenance costs.

Project Cost Breakdown

Department Funding Request

Minneapolis Goals and Strategic Direction

Minneapolis is a growing and vibrant world-class city with a flourishing economy and a pristine environment, where all people are safe, healthy and have equitable opportunities for success and happiness.Below is a description of how this project meets each of the City's Goals. Below is a description of how this project meets each of the City's Goals.

Regular tire balancing is required to maintain the City's fleet. Safe running vehicles are needed by our employees to keep our City safe, clean and livable.

Public Safety

Collaborative and community-inclusive strategies to ensure safety for all members of our community:

Unbalanced tires can make tires tread wear unevenly, which can lead to having to replace tires long before they should actually need to. It can also lead to suspension and wheel bearing issues, as well as less traction and control of city's vehicles.

Public Services

The City prioritizes reliable and equitable access to high-quality public services.

Fleet Services supports most City Departments by providing vehicles, maintenance, and fuel.

Additional Information

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Regular tires balancing is a crucial part of tire maintenance for city's vehicles.