FLT03 Vehicle Maintenance System

Project Details:

Project Start Date: 2021

Submitting Department: Public Works

Contact Person: Al Thunberg

Level of Need: Low

Estimated Project Completion Date: 2022

Department Priority: Low

Contact Phone Number: 612-673-5443

Project Location:

Address: 1200 Currie Av N, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Project Description:

The RFP for a new fleet management system may result in an entire new system through a new vendor, or new refreshed contract with AssetWorks aka Trapeze. Our current system is getting a version upgrade and will ensure we can continue to operate with vendor support until a decision is made after receiving proposals.

Purpose and Justification:

Our fleet management system contract for M5/AssetWorks has been in place for more than 15 years. IT and Procurement have informed Fleet that we need to put out an RFP and explore the market for a fleet management system An up to date fully vendor supported version of fleet management is essential to City operations as it the operational system for fuel, vehicle tracking, maintenance, and technician time tracking.

Project Cost Breakdown

Department Funding Request

Operating Impacts

Is this for new or existing infrastructure?

This would replace an existing Fleet and Fuel management system.

What is the expected useful life of the project/Improvement?

20 years

Year that Operating Incr/(Decr) will take effect?

Operating increase in annual support likely in 2023.

What is the estimated annual operating cost increase or (decrease) for this project?

5% minimum

Describe how operating cost increases or decreases were determined and include details such as personnel costs, materials, contracts, energy savings, etc:

Standard support increases are 5%

If new infrastructure, discuss how the department/agency will pay for the increased annual operating costs:

Annual costs are shared by system users

Project Coordination

If this is a new project, describe the major project phases and timing anticipated for completing the project:

RFP 2021

Review Demo and Selection 2021

Contract 2021

Plan 2021

Build 2022

Test 2022

Go Live 2022

Scalability/Funding Allocation Flexibility – discuss any flexibility to increase or decrease funding among the years in the five-year plan and the most that could be spent in a given year:

In the event this project takes longer than 2 years to execute, the funding would be spread over additional years.

Minneapolis Goals and Strategic Direction

Minneapolis is a growing and vibrant world-class city with a flourishing economy and a pristine environment, where all people are safe, healthy and have equitable opportunities for success and happiness.Below is a description of how this project meets each of the City's Goals. Below is a description of how this project meets each of the City's Goals.

Below is a description of how this project meets each of the City's Goals.

A fleet and fuel management system is essential to maintain, manage and keep operational the City's fleet. The City's fleet is a necessary tool for our City staff that keep the City safe, clean and livable.

Public Services

Fleet Services supports most City Departments by providing vehicles, maintenance, and fuel.

Additional Information

Add any additional information you feel is important for the CLIC committee, Mayor, City Council members or the general public to know about this potential project and why it should be approved:

Insert detail here.

Fleet Service will be able to continue to provide the necessary support for Police, Fire, Public Works, Regulatory Services, CPED, Health and other City departments that provide essential services to the City every day.