FLT04 Motor Pool Management System

Project Details:

Project Start Date: 2022

Submitting Department: Public Works

Contact Person: Al Thunberg

Level of Need: High

Estimated Project Completion Date: 2022

Department Priority: High

Contact Phone Number: 612-673-5443

Project Location:

Address: 1200 Currie Av N, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Project Description:

Centralized pool car system for all city departments.

Purpose and Justification:

No existing city centralized car pool management system. Reduces need for seasonal vehicles and promotes effective car sharing. This saves staff time through an increase in data accuracy and a decrease in manual data recording.

Project Costs

Department Funding Request

Operating Impacts

No existing Citywide motor pool management system.

Shareable City Fleet will be better coordinated in one platform.

Reduce time, resources and costs associated with managing pool vehicles.

Reduces the number of vehicles in City's fleet.

Increase motor pool vehicle usage flexibility.

Minneapolis Goals and Strategic Direction

Minneapolis is a growing and vibrant world-class city with a flourishing economy and a pristine environment, where all people are safe, healthy and have equitable opportunities for success and happiness.Below is a description of how this project meets each of the City's Goals. Below is a description of how this project meets each of the City's Goals.

Below is a description of how this project meets each of the City's Goals.

A motor pool system is a necessary tool for sharing information on available resources that are used by multiple staff. A motor pool system minimizes wastage of city's resources by ensuring realtime information is available to all users. Rightsizing the City's fleet to meet the user needs.

Public Services

The City prioritizes reliable and equitable access to high-quality public services.

Fleet Services supports most City Departments by providing vehicles, maintenance, and fuel.

Additional Information

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Fleet Service will be able to continue to provide the necessary support for Police, Fire, Public Works, Regulatory Services, CPED, Health and other City departments that provide essential services to the City every day.