PSD20 City Hall and New Public Services Building

Project Details:

Project Start Date: June 1, 2018

Ongoing Program: Y

Submitting Department: Other

Contact Person: Greg Goeke

Level of Need: Significant

Estimated Project Completion Date: March 2024

Department Priority: High

Contact Phone Number: 612-673-2706

Website: --

Project Location:

Address: 350 S. 5th St & 501 4th Ave S.

City Sector: Downtown

Affected Neighborhoods: Downtown West

Affected Wards: 7

Project Description:

This project will include renovation of the City offices located in City Hall to accommodate departments that will be moving into City Hall from leased and owned buildings dispersed across downtown and construction of a New Public Services Building.

Purpose and Justification:

The purpose is to strategically co-locate City employees in order to offer the highest quality of service to the public, reduce the overall City real estate footprint, and provide effective space for the diverse needs of employees. City Hall has served residents and businesses for over 100 years and needs to be updated to function well for the next century. City-owned buildings (City of Lakes and Public Service Center) were built in the 1950s and do not meet basic functionality or density requirements for a downtown workspace. Leased office space is scattered around downtown. Businesses and residents looking for City services must visit several locations to meet with staff from various departments. This is neither a welcoming or efficient environment. The new public service building will have a conference center on the first floor open to City Hall employees and residents. It will also house a service area on the second floor immediately accessible by transit and served by several parking options within one block. Work spaces will be open and flexible for the changing needs of the City.

City Hall renovations are also needed to accommodate departments and parts of departments moving from leased/owned buildings downtown into City Hall. The largest of groups of employees moving into City Hall are Human Resources, Assessor’s Office, and Neighborhood and Community Relations. Space in City Hall will be renovated to similar standards of the more collaborative design of the New Public Services Building. Parts of departments currently within City Hall will be relocated to other parts of City Hall to enhance strategic adjacencies. For example, payroll is expected to move closer to Human Resources and the Coordinator’s Office will have a more cohesive space to better serve the enterprise.

Project Cost Breakdown

Department Funding Request


Have Grants for this Project been secured?


Describe status and timing details of secured or applied for grants or other non-City funding sources:


Describe any collaborative arrangements with outside project partners, including who they are and what their role is with the project:

No new outside project partners. The City and County collaborate on a number of initiatives such as the Youth Coordinating Board, Juvenile Supervision Center and the Municipal Building Commission. These collaborations will be enhanced by new and renovated facilities.


State Law Chapter 462.356 (Subd. 2) requires review of all capital improvements for compliance with the comprehensive municipal plan. Chapter 13, Section 4 of the City Charter requires Location and Design Review for the purpose of approving the sale of bonds for these projects. --1. Urban Design Policy 10.1: Promote building designs and heights that enhance and complement the image and form of the Downtown skyline, provide transition to the edges of Downtown and protect the scale and quality in areas of distinctive physical or historical character.

2. Urban Design Policy 10.2: Integrate pedestrian scale design features into Downtown site and building designs and infrastructure improvements.

Provide the date that Location and Design Review was conducted for the project, the outcome of that analysis and the date formal action was taken by the Planning Commission:

The planning commission approved the new public services building on October 1, 2018. The existing City Hall renovation is the only portion remaining

Economic Development

Will the project contribute to growth in the city’s tax base?

The City will be selling two buildings, the old Public Service Center and the City of Lakes buildings. The redevelopment of these parcels are expected to result in more than $200,000,000 of new market value to the City.

Describe the economic development impact of the project:

--See project alignment with City goals above.

Does the project support redevelopment opportunity that without the project would be infeasible?

--The City buildings that will no longer be utilized and are to be sold are a much lower density than the buildings that are expected to be built in their place. In addition to increased tax revenues, the redevelopment of the City buildings will better utilize downtown infrastructure.


Is the proposed project on an existing or planned transitway, transit route, or high-volume pedestrian corridor? If yes, provide details on how the project will improve the transit and/or pedestrian experience.

--See response to the Council goals above.

Does the proposed project anticipate multi-modal enhancements (sidewalks, bicycle or transit facilities)? Provide details.

None for the remaining City Hall renovation

Is the right-of-way constrained and do you anticipate that modes of travel will be competing for space? Provide details, is there potential for innovative design options? Provide details


Operating Impacts

Operations & Capital Asset Maintenance: --

Is this request for new or existing infrastructure? City Hall renovation

What is the expected useful life of the project/Improvement? 60+ years

Year that Operating Incr/(Decr) will take effect? 2021-2

What is the estimated annual operating cost increase or (decrease) for this project? --

Any Prior Year Remaining Bond Authorizations? No

Prior Year Remaining Bond Authorizations: $0

Describe how operating cost increases or decreases were determined and include details such as personnel costs, materials, contracts, energy savings, etc:

NA for remaining City Hall renovation (separate Life Safety projects improve occupant conditions and utility efficiencies).

If new infrastructure, discuss how the department/agency will pay for the increased annual operating costs:

--The operating costs of the City Hall renovation will be less than leasing and operating costs of the existing City workplaces in the public and private buildings.

For new infrastructure, describe the estimated timing and dollar amount of future capital investment required to realize the full expected useful life of the project:


Project Coordination

Describe completion status for ongoing projects and how and when the department/agency plans to use the prior year remaining bond authorizations:

--The New Public Service Building project is completed. The City Hall renovations' first phase is under construction, concurrent with MBC's Life Safety 18 and 19 projects, with phases 2 and 3 in the design stage.

The first phase relocates HR and the Assessor from the PSC and COL buildings to free them up for development.

If this is a new project, describe the major project phases and timing anticipated for completing the project:

--The new public service building is now open. The City Hall renovations will start construction in early 2021 and be completed within three to four years, depending upon the ability of the MBC to complete its portion of the life/safety improvements for some of the space to be renovated.

Scalability/Funding Allocation Flexibility – discuss any flexibility to increase or decrease funding among the years in the five-year plan and the most that could be spent in a given year:

-- None; this work is needed to free up the PSC/COL block for development.

Minneapolis Goals and Strategic Direction

Minneapolis is a growing and vibrant world-class city with a flourishing economy and a pristine environment, where all people are safe, healthy and have equitable opportunities for success and happiness.Below is a description of how this project meets each of the City's Goals. Below is a description of how this project meets each of the City's Goals.

Environmental Justice:

The City prioritizes sustainable practices and renewable resources to equitably address climate change while restoring and protecting our soil, water and air.


Built Environment & Transportation:

The City prioritizes high quality neighborhoods, streets, infrastructure and equitable access to multimodal transportation in all parts of the City through thoughtful planning and design.

This new building and the reorganization of City Hall will reduce confusion among residents and visitors seeking to use City services related to permits, licenses, financing, and public safety.

Public Safety

Collaborative and community-inclusive strategies to ensure safety for all members of our community:

City Hall renovations will improve working conditions for staff and access for the public.


The City prioritizes equitable access to safe, stable, accessible, and affordable housing to eliminate racial disparities in housing:


Economic Development

The City prioritizes economic inclusion so that all workers and families are supported and People of Color, Indigenous and Immigrant (POCII)-owned businesses in all sectors can thrive.

NA for City Hall renovation

Public Services

The City prioritizes reliable and equitable access to high-quality public services.

The new building and City Hall renovation will reduce confusion among residents and visitors seeking to use City services related to permits, licenses, financing, and public safety.

Public Health:

The City Prioritizes positive youth development so that all children can grow healthy and safe:


Arts and Culture:

The City prioritizes arts and culture as important part of inclusive economic development and placemaking in our communities:

--The budget includes $2 million for public art projects in the public spaces of all floors of the new building and renovation.

Additional Information

Add any additional information you feel is important for the CLIC committee, Mayor, City Council members or the general public to know about this potential project and why it should be approved: