2022-2027 Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board Presentations

Adam Arvidson, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board's Director of Strategic Planning, presents the agency requests. This part includes discussions of:

-- The Basics of the MPRB Capital Improvement Program

-- MRB's COVID-19 Amendment, passed in May, 2020

-- Descriptions of both large ongoing projects and single park projects

-- Previous year updates

Not presented but included in the provided PowerPoint are descriptions of each of the Single Park Projects.

PRK02 - Playground and Site Improvements Program

PRK03 - Shelter - Pool - Site Improvements Program

PRK04 - Athletic Fields - Site Improvement Program

PRK33 - Bryn Mawr Meadows Field Improvements

PRK37 - Powderhorn Park Implementation

PRK40 - Elliot Park Implementation

PRK41 - East Phillips Park Implementation

PRK42 - Farview Park Implementation

PRK43 - Audubon Park Implementation

PRK44 - Bottineau Park Implementation

PRK45 - Logan Park Implementation

PRK46 - Lynnhurst Park Implementation

PRKCP - Neighborhood Parks Capital Infrastructure

PRKDT - Diseased Tree Removal

PRKRP - Neighborhood Parks Rehabilitation Program