Capital Budget Requests and Presentations

2024-2029 Capital Budget

Park Board

Public Grounds and Facilities

Public Works

Public Works Transportation Presentations

Public Works Utilities Presentations

Bike - Ped Projects

BIK24 - Major Trail Maintenance

BIK28 - Protected Bikeways Program

BP001 - Safe Routes to School Program

BP004 - Pedestrian Safety Program

BP006 - 18th Ave NE Trail Gap

BP007 - Northside Greenway Phase 1

BP008 - Public Spaces Program


BR101 - Major Bridge Repair and Rehabilitation

BR127 - Nicollet Ave over Minnehaha Creek

BR133 - Cedar Lake Road Bridges Over BNSF Railroad

BR134 - Bridge 9 Program

BR135 - Pillsbury Ave S over HCRRA

BR136 - 10th Ave S Bridge Over the Midtown Greenway

BR137 - Nokomis Ave S Bridge Over Minnehaha Creek


FLT01 - Fuel and Charging Stations

FLT02 - Shop Equipment

FLT03 - Vehicle Maintenance Systems


PK004 - Off-Street System

Sanitary Sewers

SA001 - Sanitary Tunnel & Sewer Rehab Program

SA036 - Infiltration & Inflow Removal Program

SA99R - Reimbursable Sanitary Sewer Projects

SAPVR - Sanitary Sewer Paving Project Program


SWK01 - Defective Hazardous Sidewalks Program

SWK02 - Sidewalk Gaps Program

Storm Sewers

SW004 - Implementation of US EPA Storm Water Regs

SW005 - Combined Sewer Overflow Improvements

SW011 - Storm Drains and Tunnels Rehab Program

SW039 - Flood Mitigation - Stormwater Alternatives

SW99R - Reimbursable Sewer & Storm Drain Project

SWPVR - Storm Sewer Paving Project Program

Traffic and Street Lighting

TR008 - Parkway Street Light Replacement

TR010 - Traffic Management Systems

TR011 - City Street Light Renovation

TR021 - Traffic Signals

TR022 - Traffic Safety Improvements

TR024 - Pedestrian Street Lighting Corridors

TR025 - Sign Replacement Program

TR99R - Reimbursable Transportation Projects

Vision Zero

VZ001 - Vision Zero Program

Street Paving

PV001 - Parkway Paving Program

PV006 - Alley Renovation Program

PV056 - Asphalt Pavement Resurfacing Program

PV059 - Major Pavement Maintenance Program

PV063 - Unpaved Alley Construction Program

PV074 - CSAH and MnDOT Cooperative Projects

PV075 - Development Infrastructure Program

PV092 - Technology Dr NE and 37th Ave NE

PV104 - ADA Ramp Replacement Program

PV108 - Concrete Street Rehabilitation Program

PV113 - 29th St W Phase 2

PV123 - Logan Park Industrial

PV131 - Residential Neighborhood Reconstruction Program

PV132 - 1st Ave S (Lake St to Franklin Ave)

PV140 - 13th Ave NE

PV143 - North Industrial

PV158 - Hennepin Ave

PV160 - 1st Ave S (Franklin Ave to Grant St)

PV161 - 3rd St S

PV163 - 31st Street E

PV166 - 2nd Street NE

PV167 - Dowling Ave N

PV169 - 38th St (Blaisdell Ave to Park Ave)

PV172 - Chicago Ave

PV174 - 35th/36th Street E/W

PV175 - 38th Street (10th Ave S to 23rd Ave S)

PV178 - Johnson St NE Spot Improvement

PV179 - 7th Street North

PV180 - Loring Greenway

PV181 - 18th Ave S and Little Earth

PV182 - Lake at Nicollet Reopening

PV183 - 1st Ave N

PV99R - Reimbursable Paving Projects

Water Infrastructure

WTR12 - Water Distribution Improvements

WTR23 - Treatment Infrastructure Improvements

WTR27 - Advanced Metering Infrastructure

WTR29 - Columbia Heights Campus Upgrades

WTR31 - Electrical Service Rehabilitation

WTR32 - Softening Plant Chemical System Improvements

WTR34 - Fridley Facilities and Campus Improvements

WTR35 - Renewable Energy at Water Treatment Campuses

WTR36 - Southwest Pump Station Replacement

WTR37 - Northeast High Service Pump Station

WTR38 Washburn Water Tower

WTR9R - Reimbursable Water Main Projects