Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

Mission statement

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) permanently preserves, protects, maintains, improves, and enhances its natural resources, parkland, and recreational opportunities for current and future generations of our region including people, plants, and wildlife.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board dismantles historic inequities in the provision of park and recreation opportunities for all people to gather, celebrate, contemplate, and engage in activities that promote health, well-being, community, and the environment.

For detailed information on MPRB and its financial information, please visit their website.

Our people

Org chart of Park Board updated December 2021

Programs and divisions

Purpose and context

The MPRB, consisting of an independently elected Board of Commissioners sets its own budget and levy independently of the city, subject to the maximum levies certified by the Board of Estimate and Taxation. The MPRB has historically been the recipient of about 11.8% of the City of Minneapolis’s LGA funding from the State of Minnesota, which can fluctuate year to year depending on the total LGA allocation to the city under state law. While the MPRB budget is set independently of the city, the city has, at times, directly funded joint ventures in collaboration with the MPRB and dedicated specific allocations to functions carried out by the MPRB. In 2016, the Mayor, City Council, the Park Board reached an agreement to fund the infrastructure and operations of our neighborhood parks and streets for the next 20 years, transparently and equitably.

Services provided

The MPRB provides the following services:

  • Care & maintenance of the park system
  • Recreation facility operations and programming
  • Planning for development & redevelopment of the park system
  • Park safety & security
  • Executive management
  • Administrative support services
  • Park system communications & marketing
  • Enterprise operations
  • Acquisition, construction and improvement of the park system

Race equity impacts

An equitable park system is one that provides just and fair inclusion for all people across age, race, culture, economic status, ability, and gender, and acknowledges that racial equity needs to be the priority in our work to dismantle systemic racism in our city. An equitable park system honors the unique qualities and needs of each user and neighborhood in design, programming, access to nature, registration, customer service and management. An equitable park and recreation system acknowledges past harms and works to ameliorate them, is adaptable, and is shaped by community and staffed by people who reflect the community. It also strives for a sense of welcome and joy in parks for all.

The MPRB is committed to racial equity work and has operationalized this work through the Parks for All Comprehensive Plan 2021 – 2036; the use of criteria-based systems and a racial equity lens for ordinance and policy review/development, budget allocations, and park program access; and staff racial equity training and internal influencer program participation.