FLT07 Traka Key

Project Details:

Project Start Date: 2021

Submitting Department: Public Works

Contact Person: Al Thunberg

Level of Need: High

Estimated Project Completion Date: 2023

Department Priority: High

Contact Phone Number: 612-673-5443

Project Location:

Address: 1200 Currie Av N, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Project Description:

The existing Traka Key management system at the Currie and Aldrich Maintenance Facilities is aged and failing and needs upgrading.

Purpose and Justification:

Traka Key system ensures that the right keys are available to the right staff at the right times.

Project Cost Breakdown

Department Funding Request

Finance & Property Services will update.

Minneapolis Goals and Strategic Direction

Minneapolis is a growing and vibrant world-class city with a flourishing economy and a pristine environment, where all people are safe, healthy and have equitable opportunities for success and happiness.Below is a description of how this project meets each of the City's Goals. Below is a description of how this project meets each of the City's Goals.

Traka key management system is essential to maintain, manage and keep operational the City's fleet. The City's fleet is a necessary tool for our City staff that keep the City safe, clean and livable.

Public Services

The City prioritizes reliable and equitable access to high-quality public services.

Fleet Services supports most City Departments by providing vehicles, maintenance, and fuel.