Proposed Budget

Fiscal Year 2021-22

Budget preparation team

City Council

Drew Combs, Mayor

Betsy Nash, Vice Mayor

Ray Mueller, Council member

Cecilia Taylor, Council Member

Jen Wolosin, Council member

City Council appointed officers

Starla Jerome-Robinson, City Manager

Nira Doherty, City Attorney

City Manager appointed budget team

Nick Pegueros, Assistant City Manager

Justin Murphy, Deputy City Manager

Dan Jacobson, Assistant Administrative Services Director

Nikki Nagaya, Public Works Director

Chris Lamm, Assistant Public Works Director

Brian Henry, Assistant Public Works Director

Eren Romero, Business Manager

Christian Quijano, Management Analyst I

Alxea Vilkins, Human Resources Technician I

Departmental Budget Coordinators and Contributors

City Manager's Office and Administrative Services

Clay Curtin, Rebecca Lucky, Judi Herren, Sandy Pimentel, Kristen Strubbe, Nicole Casados, Whit Loy

Community Development

Deanna Chow, Charles Andrews, Mike Noce, Vanh Malathong

Library and Community Services

Sean Reinhart, Nick Szegda, Theresa DellaSanta, Rani Singh


Dave Norris, Tony Dixon, Jaime Romero, Dani O’Connor

Public Works

Madelinne Godinez

Capital Improvement Plan

In addition to the operating budget, the City annually prepares a five-year budget for capital projects. This five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is the community’s vision for short- and long-range development, maintenance, improvement and building of new infrastructure assets to benefit our residents, businesses, property owners and visitors. Use the link below to visit the CIP for the 2021-26 fiscal years.

Fiscal years 2021-2026 Capital Improvement Plan