Introducing Our New Financial Transparency Site

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About Our New Transparency Site

McKenzie County employees often get asked, "How does the County use my taxpayer dollars?" It's a great question!

You may be surprised to hear that for every $1 you pay in taxes, only 11-19 cents goes to the County.

Given our limited resources, County employees are very thoughtful about the services (like improving roads and bridges and delivering better human services) your taxpayer dollars fund.

McKenzie County is committed to transparency. That's why I'm excited to share our new Financial Transparency Site - an interactive site that lets you explore the County's finances. For example, you can see how much the County spends on employee wages and benefits; how the County's spending this year compares to last year; and how much the County spends on each department.

Below are the questions we receive most often about the County's finances. Click on the graphics that interest you most, and you'll be brought to our Financial Transparency Site where you can explore the financial info in greater detail. For example, lets say you want to see how much the County spends on public safety? You can then compare how much the County spent on public safety this year to last year, or dig deeper on how much the County spent on a specific public-safety expense - like police officer uniforms.

If you have questions about how to use our financial transparency site, be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions that aren't answered in that section, email them to Someone from the County respond ASAP!

How much does the County spend on employee wages and benefits?

Employee wages and benefits are a large portion of most business' expenses. Check here to see how this has changed over time, and the effect the oil and gas industry plays in our region.

How much does the County spend on public safety?

Public Safety is one of the County’s top priorities.This category includes the Sheriff’s Office, Dispatch, Emergency Services, Corrections, and many others. Explore here to find out more answers to your questions on public safety finances.

How much does the County spend on roads and bridges?

With the upsurge in the oil and gas industry in McKenzie County several years ago, the County spends the majority of each annual budget on the upkeep, maintenance, and construction of roads and bridges.Not only do these upgrades increase public safety and concerns, but they also play big roles in the efficiency of the oil and gas and agriculture industries within our County.

How much does the County spend on human services?

Human Services (also known as Social Services), is an important function of any community. Human Services provides a variety of important programs to our community - including childcare licensing, foster parent licensing, home and community based services, assistance programs, and many more. You can learn more here.

How much does the County spend on each of its departments?

How does County spending this year compare to last year?

What is the County's budget to actual month-over-month?

What revenue sources contribute to the County's general fund?

Where does the County's money come from?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenGov?

OpenGov is a technology company. We are using the company's technology for our Financial Transparency Site. The company makes our financial data easy to view, analyze, and download.

How do I get to the data I want to see on the Financial Transparency Site?

Once you've clicked on one of the tiles above, use the menu on the left-side panel to view financial info by fund, department, or expense type. The "Show" and “Broken Down By” drop-downs allow you to specify which breakdown you want the graphs and table rows to represent on the graph.

How do I see the actual numbers within the graph?

Hover over any area of the graph to see actual or budgeted amounts for that period. Or just scroll down to see a table with detailed information.

Data can be viewed in various ways - in the upper right-hand corner there are options for different graphs and tables. There are five graph types overall. Plus, there is a table below the graphs that allows you to zoom in on the detailed data selected.

Can I save the data I am viewing?

There are "Share" and "Download" buttons in the upper right corner. You can share any view on a social network or by email. There are also options to download the date in a spreadsheet or image format.

Select the "Filter By" option to view the data filters - these filters will allow you select only the data you want to include in your graph or chart.

Use the Help menu on the top right corner to navigate to the “Budget 101” primer to learn more about multi-fund accounting.

How do I contact the City about the Transparency Portal?