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The Administration Department is comprised of the City Manager, Deputy City Manager, Assistant City Manager, City Secretary and Downtown Coordinator. The City Manager provides the daily administrative leadership to implement the policies and vision of the City Council. The City Manager is responsible for the preparation and management of the annual budget. He also attends all Council meetings, special meetings and public hearings. The Deputy City Manager supervises the departments of Development Services, Public Works, the Downtown Coordinator and the City Engineer. The Assistant City Manager supervises Police, Communications, Fire, and the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The City Secretary serves as the liaison between the City Administration and the elected officials. The Secretary is the custodian of records for the City, administers open records requests from citizens and coordinates agendas and minutes for all public meetings and hearings of the City.

Under the Council-Manager Governance Model, the City Council lays out their vision for the City and the City Manager is charged with implementing their policies and ordinances.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide those who live, work, and visit Marble Falls with quality service and effective government that is open and responsive to the needs and values of the community.

In order to meet this goal we will:

  • Respond in a quick, thoughtful manner to all inquiries and requests.

  • Provide leadership and oversight in moving forward the priorities, policies and programs of the City Council.

  • Provide communication to our community using a variety of avenues, including the city website, social media, news media, group phone messages, public hearings, open meetings, and other available resources.

  • Provide effective and timely update of records, ordinances, resolutions and city codes.

  • Live by the Core Values of the City: Trust, Respect, Integrity, Pride and Professionalism.

  • Conduct all meetings and activities with the goal to build open positive relationships in our community.

  • Maintain City property so as to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all citizens.

What We Accomplished in 2021-2022

  • Lead and manage COVID-19 response and budgetary mitigation
  • Lead and manage Winter Storm event and recovery
  • Lead the implementation and support the Council's Strategic Objectives
  • Work with LCRA to acquire 48 acre tract for new WWTP
  • Coordinate acquisition of additional park land
  • Closeout Asphalt, Inc., Litigation
  • Complete water rate study and implement five-year rate structure
  • Collaborate with MFEDC on Parks Phase 1B Design
  • Begin Design of Marble Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 2
  • Lead and promote innovation and efficiency throughout the organization
  • Lead and implemented cybersecurity training for all City Staff
  • Complete TIRZ project on 4th Street
  • Obtained $25 Million in grant funding for City infrastructure
  • Organized Christmas events and activities for 2020

What We Plan to Accomplish in 2022-2023

  • Lead and Implement 2021-2026 Council Vision and Strategic Focus Areas
  • Implement comprehensive CIP Program and project oversight
  • Continued support of construction of Hotel and Conference Center Project
  • Continued support of successful Community Engagement Initiatives
  • Continue expanded use of social media
  • Continue frequent Press Releases focusing on effective communication with the local news media
  • Partner Parks and Recreation Department and the MFEDC to implement seasonal elements and experiences such as Christmas, Summers at the Lake, and 4th of July festivities into the Downtown
  • Continued communication and support with Downtown Business stakeholders
  • Continue to serve as the liaison between the City and Downtown Merchants in area of project management
  • Implement a comprehensive marketing program for the Downtown District
  • Implement a Public Art Program

Department Organizational Chart

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