Municipal Court

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The Municipal Court has original and exclusive jurisdiction over traffic citations issued by the Marble Falls Police Department as well as state violations for alcohol and penal code violations. The Court also has jurisdiction of city ordinances that occur in the territorial jurisdiction of the city and on property owned by the city in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. While most fines are up to $500, fines of up to $2,000 may be assessed for violations relating to fire safety, zoning, public health and sanitation. The Marble Falls Municipal Court is also the Truancy Court for Marble Falls and hears all civil cases for Truant Conduct and criminal cases of Parent Contributing to Truant Conduct.

The Municipal Judge also serves as magistrate of the state. In this capacity, the Municipal Judge has authority to issue warrants for the apprehension and arrest of persons charged with the commission of an offense. As a magistrate, the Municipal Judge may issue emergency protective orders, sign mental health commitment orders, hold preliminary hearings, sign certain search warrants, order ignition interlock and discharge an accused or remand the accused to jail and set bond and conditions of release.

The court must maintain a record of each case filed before the court, prepare judgments, hold indigence hearings, issue warrants, approve community service requests, magistrate juveniles, certify their statements and prepare cases for trials. The Municipal Judge presides over all trials, unless a reason for recusal is presented. The Court has had a Teen Court program since 2011 and runs the program through the school year with an average of 30 teen volunteers from the Marble Falls High School and Faith Academy as well as a few homeschooled students. Due to COVID – Teen Court was suspended and has not resumed this fiscal year.

The court is responsible for monthly, quarterly and yearly reports to various entities, which include the state and the City Council.

Goals and Objectives

  • Administer fair and impartial justice
  • Stay current on new legislation and laws
  • Uphold the judicial ethics and abide by the Code of Judicial Conduct
  • Maintain productive, efficient and friendly customer service oriented staff to assist citizens

What We Accomplished in 2021-2022

  • Assisted the Phoenix Center in having counselors available at ALL school campuses to help with the multiple issues encountered by those students to try and help prevent court interaction
  • Continued working on procedures for indigent defendants and possible indigent defendants to take care of their citations through many options, i.e. self- improvement, rehabilitation, mentoring, tutoring or community projects including the code enforcement efforts locally
  • Continued to clear out a lot of warrants by allowing defendants to come in before judge for alternate means to resolve balances. Also allowing emailed correspondence to the judge once pleas are entered
  • Help fund Hill Country Children's Advocacy Center
  • Continued to work with MFISD on issues with electronic cigarettes at the school campuses
  • Began holding jury trials (we were able to clear out a lot of cases)
  • Hired and trained full time Juvenile Case Manager
  • Purchased two security wands for School Resource Officer's (Middle School and High School)

What We Plan to Accomplish in 2022-2023

  • Continue to look at opportunities for community involvement to educate the public on the role of the Municipal Court and the resources available to our community through our court
  • Work with MFISD on becoming a zero tolerance campus with electronic cigarettes
  • Assist the Phoenix Center and Hill Country Children's Advocacy Center with funding
  • Researching security options for court room as well as school campuses
  • Continue working on "blanket dismissals" for cases that were filed over 10 years ago and the defendants have never entered pleas

Department Organizational Chart