Communications Department (911 Dispatch)

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Marble Falls Public Safety Communications Center is to provide high-quality, professional and effective communications that enhance citizen, visitor and responder safety through cooperation, continued education and our commitment to excellence.

The Marble Falls Communications Center provides the primary avenue for customer service within the Police Department. The Communications Center provides Regional Public Safety Emergency Communications services for the Marble Falls Police Department, Marble Falls Fire Rescue, Marble Falls Area EMS, City of Horseshoe Bay Police, City of Horseshoe Bay Fire Rescue, City of Granite Shoals Police, City of Granite Shoals Fire Rescue, City of Cottonwood Shores Police, Cottonwood Shores Volunteer Fire Rescue, Marble Falls Area Volunteer Fire Department, Horseshoe Bay Public Works, Granite Shoals Public Works, Marble Falls Public Works and Marble Falls Independent School District. In addition, the Center also receives calls for service on both emergency and non-emergency lines from citizens and visitors to the respective cities above.

Goals and Objectives

It is the goal of the Marble Falls Public Safety Communications Center to provide outstanding customer service to both external and internal customers, to promote a positive workplace by supporting teamwork and to strive for excellence by continually participating in public safety communications education opportunities. Our core values are; Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Pride, Professionalism.

What We Accomplished in 2021-2022

  • Re-certified as one of three centers in the State of Texas to have P33 Agency Training Program Certified by Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International
  • Continued to participate with National Q evaluating all Fire, EMS and Law calls taken by the Telecommunicators
  • Throughout the year, updates were completed to Standard Operating Guidelines and Training Material that support operational improvements or changes related to public safety communications and field unit responses
  • Provided professional development and leadership training for all communications center staff
  • Due to COVID limited Stakeholder Meetings were held with current agencies serviced by Communications; Horseshoe Bay Police, Horseshoe Bay Fire, Granite Shoals Police, Granite Shoals Fire, Cottonwood Police, Cottonwood Volunteer Fire, Marble Falls Area Volunteer Fire and Marble Falls Independent School District. Other governing bodies, such as Emergency Services Districts, Volunteer Fire Chiefs, and County Commissioners are also encouraged to attend
  • Continue to partner with the City's GIS Analyst in keeping up to date mapping data for all public safety agencies
  • Received approval for the addition of two 9-1-1 stations provided by the 9-1-1 District at the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG)
  • All personnel completed required re-certifications in Emergency Medical Dispatch, Emergency Fire Dispatch, and Emergency Police Dispatch through the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch
  • All personnel completed required continuing education hours with Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.
  • Successfully deployed three Flex Software updates for Computer Aided Dispatch, Mobile and Records Management System. To include a new Mapping application for Communications
  • The center and our agency continue to be a point of contact for other state-wide and national Motorola Flex users needing assistance with programs and use. This includes Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management Software
  • Celebrated National Telecommunicators Week, This is a week of recognizing Telecommunicators and their dedication to Public Safety Communications
  • Successfully hired and trained two new Communications Officers
  • Melanie Boucher successfully completed STEP Training
  • Markie Stockdale was promoted to Communications Supervisor
  • Markie Stockdale successfully completed the Communications Supervisor Course through the Association of Public Safety Officials International
  • Amberlea Adams successfully completed the Communications Training Officer Course through the Association of Public Safety Officials International
  • We successfully hired and trained a part time call taker
  • Stacy Marberry was selected to sit on a regional committee that will evaluate and make recommendations for the selection of 9-1-1 equipment/ software at the CAPCOG 9-1-1 District

What We Plan to Accomplish in 2022-2023

  • Update standards and policies to meet or exceed mandated operational standards
  • Install the fourth 9-1-1 position, provided by CAPCOG
  • Add up to four additional Communications Officers to our staff
  • Promote two current positions to supervisor to meet recommended span of control and ensure direct supervision of public safety communications operations
  • Preplan for additional staff as recommend by ISO to have a supervisor on duty 24/7 over seeing communications center operations in our 5 Year Plan
  • Preplan for additional staff as recommend by statistics and population increases in our service areas
  • Continue professional development by providing leadership training classes for all communications center staff and Team Building functions/ exercises
  • Continue to develop and plan for additional Emergency Services Agencies to be dispatched by our center
  • Attend nationally recognized Public Safety Communications conferences; Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO), National Academy of Emergency Dispatch (NAED), Texas Chapter of APCO, Texas Chapter of National Emergency Number Association, Texas Spillman Users Conference and Spillman Users Summit Conference

Department Organizational Chart

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