How Do People Use the Library?

Lake Villa District Library By The Numbers

LVDL's Data Dashboard

If you’ve ever wondered how many books Lake Villa District Library owns or how many DVDs are in the collection, the answers are at your fingertips. Our Data Dashboard is a series of graphs where you can easily discover how people use the library and how we serve our community. Click through each graph to explore data on checkouts, items, website visits and much more.

LVDL is a popular materials library. Our collection is continually updated to ensure a wide variety of best-selling, award-winning and relevant items.

Homebound Delivery, helping people who are confined to their homes with selecting and accessing library materials, is a long-standing library service. LVDL took that concept a step further and now offers all cardholders the option of home delivery. While still in its infancy, LVDL Delivers continues to grow and we are confident it will become a popular service.

Library programs---storytimes, book discussions, lectures and workshops---are a vital component of library service. Many look to library programs for opportunities to engage, learn and experience community.

Offering people space to study, work and come together is an important component of LVDL’s service model. We love to see people in the building! Yet we also know that many people prefer an online library experience. The graph below is a comparison between building and website visits.

Our Business Center offers visitors the ability to print, scan documents and access public computers. Additionally our specialty services, such as notary and test proctoring, are available free of charge and help us reach those who may not be regular library users.

Lake Villa District Library enriches life in our community by connecting people with resources, services, spaces and each other.

View of the balcony.