Village of Lisle | Fiscal Year 2023/2024 Budget

The Police Department provides public safety services in support of the Lisle community. The Department conducts daily patrols, responds to calls for service, and is an active partner with the community in fostering a high quality of life for Lisle residents. The Department is also responsible for the coordination of the Volunteers 4 Lisle Program, a large volunteer program dedicated to providing community support for both routine and emergency situations.


  • Provides high quality, professional police services that are proactive and focused on promoting community safety.
  • Conducts crime prevention activities, engages and educates the public through newsletters and social media messaging regarding criminal events and methods of safeguarding against crime.
  • Investigates crimes and delivers the fair and equitable enforcement of laws.
  • Coordinates the operations and security of large-scale events; participates in interagency collaboration efforts such as MERIT, SWAT and ILEAS Mobile Field Force.
  • Manages and collaborates with the Volunteers 4 Lisle Program in providing support for special events and emergency responses.
  • Conducts community outreach and engages the community through various events; establishes and maintains community partnerships such as the School Resource Officer program.
  • Maintains and expands the expertise and knowledge of department personnel regarding de-escalation techniques, mental health understanding, crisis intervention and other modern policing techniques.

FY2022-23 Achievements

  • Continued focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion while conducting recruitment, applicant testing, and appointment.
  • Drafted amendments to Title 10, Traffic Regulations, of the Village Code, establishing an administrative adjudication for parking tickets and a vehicle immobilization program to assist in the compliance with Village parking regulations.
  • Prepared an agreement for the installation of an Automated License Plate Recognition camera system intended to support proactive policing, improve critical response time, and protect the safety of the public.
  • Collaborated on an assessment of Police Department fleet vehicle needs, resulting in refinements to the vehicle management process and a working plan for right-sizing of the fleet.
  • Coordinated a massā€care shelter drill to better prepare for unexpected catastrophic events.
  • Held an inaugural National Night Out event, supporting a national community-building campaign promoting police-community partnerships.
  • Welcomed a new Chief of Police and two Deputy Chiefs. Addressed additional staffing needs including the hiring of several new police officers to replace retired members.
  • Conducted a promotional testing procedure for the rank of Sergeant in conjunction with the National Testing Network.

FY2023-24 Objectives

  • Provide officers continued training on response options and resources to situations involving persons experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Conduct another Public Safety Academy for Lisle community members that provides education on and experiences with police and fire operations.
  • Provide inventive approaches to community safety through neighborhood staff walks, coffee with a cop, and crime prevention initiatives.
  • Review current departmental policies, and update as necessary to maintain Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (ILEAP) accreditation.
  • Conduct another National Night Out event to further promote police-community partnerships.
  • Develop a peer support program within the Police Department, focused on promoting officer wellness.
  • Enhance the Village of Lisle Emergency Management response through continual scenario-based training and practice-drills.
  • Continue to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion while conducting recruitment, applicant testing, and appointment.
  • Recommend purchase of body-worn cameras to support and improve officer and public safety.
  • Provide necessary training for all Police Department employees to comply with criminal justice mandates and legislation.
  • Assist community groups and others in special event security planning and coordination in facilitating a safe and welcoming community.

Police Department Expenditure Budget Summary

Emergency Services Expenditure Budget Summary

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