The Village maintains a classification and compensation plan for non-represented employees and routinely examines the plan to ensure market competitiveness. The current compensation plan was developed in conjunction with a consultant in FY2021/22 and entailed a comprehensive analysis of the included positions and the labor market. Classifications within the plan were reduced from 34 grades to 12 that are broken into three tiers. Salary ranges developed at the 50th percentile of ranges acquired from comparable communities.

Development of the plan was geared towards enabling the Village to not only recruit the best and brightest employees but to retain them in a competitive marketplace. Overall, the plan seeks to maximize the benefit of investing in employees and the corresponding institutional and community knowledge acquired by employees during their tenures. The plan continues the Village’s pay-for-performance philosophy through the inclusion of a variable merit program for up to a potential 4% salary increase for high performance. Additionally, maintenance of the plan includes an annual review of comparable communities to determine if range and salary adjustments are warranted based on market conditions. For FY2023/24, a 2.5% market adjustment to salary grades was applied.

The plan makes efficient use of the revenue dedicated to the payment of personnel costs and supports the Innovative Service Delivery – Lisle Empowers Staff to Deliver High Quality Innovative Services, and other key performance areas identified by the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan.