Village Manager's Office

Village of Lisle | Fiscal Year 2023/2024 Budget

The Village Manager’s Office provides administrative services and organizational leadership in carrying out efforts related to the Village’s 2022 – 2025 Strategic Priorities, additional Village policies and goals, and daily municipal operations. The Village Manager’s Office works to ensure the efficient and economical delivery of internal and external Village services.


  • Leads efforts in achieving the Village’s mission of leveraging its skilled and innovative workforce to deliver efficient, high quality, customer centric municipal services.
  • Participates in, and supports regional collaborations amongst local governments, area councils of government, institutions, the business community, community groups and others.
  • Monitors county, state and federal legislation.
  • Coordinates organization-wide strategic planning, work plan formation, program and policy development and execution, efficiency and modernization efforts, and legislative processes.
  • Leads economic development efforts to support existing businesses and those considering Lisle as a location.
  • Manages corporate liability including workers compensation, property loss, and general liability.
  • Coordinates workplace trainings, compliance inspections and reviews, expert consultation, and facility reviews. Represents the Village in collaborations with the Village’s risk management and employee insurance benefits pools.
  • Works to attract and retain high-performing employees, manages labor contracts, empowers staff to deliver high-quality, innovative services, and undertakes efforts to create an inviting and nurturing workplace environment.
  • Processes, coordinates reviews, and issues permitting and licensing as it relates to special events and commercial filming endeavors.
  • Maintains official Village records, manages document archival system, drafts meeting minutes, processes Freedom of Information Act requests, processes and issues liquor licenses.
  • Conducts outreach efforts through the Village’s community cable channel, website, social media, newsletters, and other publications.
  • Coordinates the assembly of Village Board meeting agenda packets and board presentations.
  • Directs and oversees the preparation of the Village-wide annual budget, audit, tax levy, and presents financial information to the Village Board.
  • Oversees continued financial stability of the organization.
  • Identifies opportunities for improving service delivery methods and procedures.

FY2022-23 Achievements

  • Partnered with the Lisle Park District to plan and host an Independence Day community celebration on July 3rd and 4th with a parade, concerts, food trucks, and a fireworks display.
  • Collaborated with Lisle School District 202 on a new 3-year intergovernmental agreement for shared professional information technology services.
  • Developed a floodplain property acquisition and demolition policy and program, in order to voluntarily acquire flood prone properties in the floodplain.
  • Drafted frameworks for a Village public art program and advisory committee.
  • Guided the Village's reclassification of liquor licenses to provide a more easily deciphered, and administered, liquor license classification schedule; including adding a new bring your own liquor license classification.
  • Held an all-staff in-service training focused on building sustainable innovation in government, “Sustainovation.”
  • Implemented updated classification and compensation schedule; including a new employee performance evaluation software tool with Paychex, the Village's payroll provider.
  • Tracked and reported outcome metrics for performance areas associated with the Village’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan.
  • Furthered efforts to build and refine the Village’s workforce to meet Village’s mission and objectives including, collaboration with departments to develop positions that best suit departmental needs.
  • Prepared amendments to the Village's tobacco, alternative nicotine, electronic cigarette, and vape retail licensing standards.
  • Transitioned employee’s health savings accounts from Further to WEX Benefits; improved administration of the program and ease of access for employees.
  • Drafted update to Employee Handbook to reflect State of Illinois statutory requirements regarding Workplace Harassment Prevention and Bereavement Leave policies.
  • Managed the delivery and coordination of staff training programs, including safety compliance and trainings to meet State training mandates.
  • Undertook efforts to market Lisle including partnerships with Choose DuPage and DuPage Convention and Visitors Bureau.
  • Economic Development Manager, Community Engagement Specialist, Accountant, Deputy Village Manager/CFO, and Financial Services Director positions were created and filled to better suit the needs of the adapting Village Manager's Office and Financial Services Department.

FY2023-24 Objectives

  • Regularly maintain classification and compensation plan through annual review of average salary costs and benefits, ranges and costs per full time employee.
  • Sustain efforts with regional economic development partners to foster economic investment.
  • Implement a business retention and expansion program to promote business growth, capital investment, and job creation by connecting local business owners with the resources needed to succeed.
  • Develop an economic development website and ditigal marketing to attract business and talent.
  • Oversee community survey development to capture metrics associated with the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan.
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement and innovation training; coordinate the participation of staff in these trainings.
  • Continue to increase efficiencies through the modernization of policies, processes and procedures; explore technology enhancements and streamlining processes.

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