Development Services

Village of Lisle | Fiscal Year 2023/2024 Budget

The Development Services Department maintains procedures and policies aimed at orderly growth, and facilitates investment in the community. The Department provides assistance to local businesses, residents and developers by offering services such as concept and building plan reviews, issuing permits, conducting inspections, overseeing code enforcement, and providing guidance regarding the entitlement process. The Department helps to ensure that building, zoning, stormwater, and property maintenance requirements are met.


  • Provides guidance and counseling in the development of long term Village planning documents; supports economic development efforts, provides guidance and consultation in adhering to plan provisions.
  • Addresses local business needs and encourages growth and investment in the community.
  • Coordinates the Village’s concept review, entitlement process, building permitting, and inspection services.
  • Ensures the construction of buildings and utilities in a manner that meets Village Code standards.
  • Coordinates the Village’s property maintenance code enforcement efforts.
  • Provides staff support to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Flood Information Committee.
  • Manages the Village’s Elevator Safety Program.

FY2022-23 Achievements

  • Drafted amendments to Title 4 of the Village Code; Building Regulations. Amendments included adoption of the 2021 International Codes, 2020 National Electric Code, and a reduction of local amendments.
  • Prepared revision to Title 1, Chapter 12 of the Village Code adopting annexation policies relating to voluntary and involuntary annexation with factors for consideration by the Village when determining whether a property annexation should be pursued or accepted.
  • Transitioned the Village’s development, zoning, stormwater, zoning, licensing and registration services to a new OpenGov online services portal.

FY2023-24 Objectives

  • Amend Title 6 of the Village Code; Subdivision Regulations.
  • Assist with preparation of an engineering design manual that includes standardized engineering details.
  • Prepare strategic update to the 2004 Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
  • Draft amendments to Title 3 of the Village Code; Business Regulations.


Staffing Plan

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