Strategic Plan

A look forward at the City's goals and plans to achieve them.

The Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan outlines a systematic process for moving toward a vision in a manner that involves the development and prioritization of strategic goals along with measurable strategies.

How does it fit in the broader framework of our City?

  1. The Comprehensive Plan is used to inform the Strategic Plan.
  2. The Strategic Plan drives the Annual Operating Budget.
  3. The Annual Operating Budget moderates the Strategic Plan.
  4. The Annual Operating Budget also enables the City to operate Strategic Management.

The graphic to the right helps illustrate how the parts fit together and why the strategic plan is so important to overall City operations.

Strategic Plan Framework

The Lawrence City Commission adopted the strategic plan framework in October 2020 with Resolution No. 7344. The framework outlines the core components of the strategic plan: Mission, Vision, Organizational Values, Outcomes and Commitments.


We create a community where all enjoy life and feel at home.


The City of Lawrence—supporting an unmistakably vibrant community with innovative, equitable, transparent, and responsible local government.

Organizational Values







To realize our Vision for Lawrence, we endeavor to achieve these important strategic outcomes. The outcomes represent what our City is "in business to do" and what we plan to accomplish for our community. While much of what the City has always done is foundational to these areas, we're now building plans that are targeted at achieving these outcomes with excellence.

Unmistakable Identity

Lawrence is a welcoming community, synonymous with arts, diverse culture, fun, and a quintessential downtown. City parks and community events contribute to the vibrancy experienced by all people in Lawrence.

Strong, Welcoming Neighborhoods

All people in Lawrence live in safe, functional, and aesthetically unique neighborhoods that provide opportunities to lead healthy lifestyles with access to safe and affordable housing and essential services that help them thrive.

Safe and Secure

Lawrence is a community where all people feel safe and secure and have access to trusted public and community-based safety resources.

Prosperity and Economic Security

The City of Lawrence fosters an environment that provides all people and businesses the opportunity for economic security and intentionally acknowledges, removes, and prevents barriers created by systemic and institutional injustice. Our community succeeds because of collective prosperity and a vibrant, sustainable local economy.

Infrastructure, Asset Management and Connectivity

The City of Lawrence has well-maintained, functional, and efficient infrastructure, facilities, and other assets. Connectivity supports accessible, sustainable methods for safely moving people and information throughout the community and the region. Investment in these assets reflects the City’s commitment to contribute to the well-being of all people.


The way we do our work is as important as what we do. The City will ensure we're following through on our five community outcomes with the below commitments to how our team will do our work. The community we create is reflected in the decisions that our employees will make every day.

Community Engagement

Listen, share, and engage with our community to drive action and build trust in City government.

We invite and welcome all community members to collaborate and innovate with us. Through strong and equitable engagement with our community, we share and receive information about important city services and community life.

Efficient and Effective Processes

Intentional and consistent delivery of city services.

We focus on process improvement by working collaboratively to understand needs, research, adapt and develop successful solutions. Trust-worthy processes are the foundation for the delivery of city services.

Equity and Inclusion

Fair and impartial delivery of services so that no group is disadvantaged or burdened along with having inclusive representation and participation for all.

Inclusion and racial equity drive the culture of our organization and our community. When we intentionally prioritize race, it can no longer be used to predict life outcomes and outcomes are improved for all. We remove systemic barriers to reconcile historic injustices and their continued presence in our work.

Sound Fiscal Stewardship

Efficient use and sustainable management of resources that align with community priorities.

We build and maintain public trust while using our resources to achieve high value. We provide transparent, easy access to relevant, accurate data for budgeting and decision making.

Engaged and Empowered Teams

People throughout the organization are trusted, supported, and cared for as we build community.

We invest in and cultivate service to community, individual growth, team development, respect, and trust. Our very best is achieved by a diverse, engaged, collaborative, and innovative organizational culture.

Environmental Sustainability

A deep respect for our place in relationship with the planet and environment.

We consider the environmental consequences of every decision, big and small, knowing that our actions have impacts beyond our boundaries. We protect and restore our ecosystem to make it healthier and more balanced for future generations.

Strategic Plan Archives

For additional information on the strategic plan, please visit our archives page at

You can view this web page for more information on the creation of the current strategic plan, including the extensive public engagement process.