Sustainable Budgeting

Pillar 4 Operational Effectiveness


Sustainably, equitably, and efficiently implement school and District budgets


Providing the highest-quality instructional experience requires us to utilize our resources equitably, efficiently, and strategically to drive student achievement and well-being


Ensure all students have access to equitable resources by appropriately allocating funds and services, based on need

Reinforce school and division collaboration to develop resources and best practices for school-level planning and budgeting

Streamline procurement systems, policies, and procedures to ensure schools are adequately, efficiently, and expeditiously equipped to deliver quality learning experiences

Implement comprehensive, routine reviews and external assessments to balance short- and long-term needs so resources are aligned to maximize return-on-investment

Transition toward value-based, multi-year budget and investment plans to better direct funds to drive student outcomes


By 2026, we will:

Provide 100% of schools with updated resources for effective budgeting practices

Ensure the per-pupil ratio of total school resources is greatest for highest-needs schools

Implement an automated and timely procurement system

Complete quarterly budget reviews with all schools and departments

Implement annual zero-based budgeting