Professional Learning

Pillar 5 Investing in Staff


Provide competency-based, rigorous, and relevant professional learning


All students will benefit when we create opportunities for our staff to build their capacity for improving the instruction, care, and support provided to our students


Build capacity of employees on practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion and develop systems to constantly assess, reflect on, and refine these practices

Develop differentiated professional development plans for school staff based on analysis of student need and staff interest and experience

Provide ongoing professional development and implementation support to educators on the use of evidence-based practices for teaching literacy, math, and social-emotional development

Expand professional development opportunities for non-teaching staff to enhance jobrelated skills and opportunities

Provide regular opportunities for educators to observe instruction in their content area


By 2026, we will:

Increase the percentage of teachers in micro-credentialing programs who come from high-needs schools to 80% (from 46% in 2021-22)

Offer staff at least 12 micro-credential programs (from four offered in 2021-22)

Increase the number of professional development opportunities for instructional assistants, school office staff, and professional/technical employees