Diverse Workforce

Pillar 5 Investing in Staff


Effectively recruit and retain a highly qualified, diverse workforce committed to serving all students


Filling every school with talented educators and staff who reflect our students’ diversity can be the single most impactful driver in ensuring academic success


Increase investments in the marketing, recruitment, selection, staffing, and retention of under-represented employees at all levels of the District to reflect our student population

Create new and promotional pathways for staff to become proficient or certified in specialized classifications and areas of need

Create career pathways for students to transition to District careers, including high-demand areas such as teaching and nursing

Develop comprehensive compensation plans and incentive programs

Implement a comprehensive communitybased recruitment strategy to ensure there are qualified candidates to fill vacancies at hard-to-staff schools


By 2026, we will:

Ensure at least 50% of new applicants will be members of under-represented groups

Ensure the vacancy rate at SENI high/highest-needs schools will not exceed 6%

Increase the number of promotional pathways in nursing, mental health, and instructional assistance

Increase retention rates of staff hired in 2021-22 and 2022-23 placed at SENI high/highest-needs schools

Have at least one career pathway program for every high-need job area