Operational Effectiveness

Innovative Operations to Ensure

Lasting Organizational Success

Pillar 4

In order to create opportunities for our students to become ready for the world and develop into future leaders of change and progress, we must demonstrate that same leadership through innovative approaches to managing our organization. This includes improving and maintaining state-of-the-art facilities, providing access to modern technology, and establishing powerful new ways to look at data and District budgets so that we make the best decisions to serve our students. We must also differentiate our recruitment strategies to meet the needs of specific communities. Finally, we must further promote and improve access to the District’s leading-edge programs so our families are excited to stay and continue learning in Los Angeles Unified.


4A Data-Driven Decision-Making: Develop comprehensive data-driven systems to inform decision-making

4B Modernizing Infrastructure: Modernize facilities and technological infrastructure

4C Sustainable Budgeting: Sustainably, equitably, and efficiently implement school and District budgets

4D District of Choice: Make Los Angeles Unified the district of choice for families