Enriching Experiences

Pillar 1 Academic Excellence


Deliver well-rounded, inspiring educational and enrichment experiences to instill and maintain a love of learning


Establishing a well-rounded educational experience keeps students engaged, promotes joy in learning, and builds a variety of critical skills for world readiness


Offer and enroll students in a wide array of courses and experiences that support a well-rounded education, such as STEAM courses and Ethnic Studies, during the school day and after school

Increase access to visual and performing arts programs at school sites

Leverage programs such as the Cultural Arts Passport to create regular access to artistic and cultural experiences for students outside of the classroom, especially those from under-resourced communities

Provide students with expanded opportunities to become multilingual through dual and world language programs, including American Sign Language

Increase access to gifted and talented programs by addressing the disproportionality of students identified to receive services

Expand outdoor education and nature-based experiences

Create opportunities for students in all grade levels to engage in extracurricular activities, including student interest clubs, volunteerism, and civic engagement


By 2026, we will:

Increase the percentage of students reporting on the School Experience Survey that they are happy to be at their school

Elementary - 94% (from 84% in 2021-22)

Middle School - 81.4% (from 74% in 2021-22)

High School - 74% (from 67% in 2021-22)

Increase the districtwide percentage of students identified for gifted/talented education programs to 14.8% (from 12.5% in 2018-19)

Ensure at least 50% of our graduating seniors receive the California Seal of Biliteracy

Increase the number of students participating in arts and music programs districtwide

Increase the number of partnerships with community-based arts organizations, performance venues, professional sporting events, and outdoor education experiences