Data-Driven Decision-Making

Pillar 4 Operational Effectiveness


Develop comprehensive data-driven systems to inform decision-making


Our actions must be driven by the opportunities and the needs identified by student and school data, and we must have the structures to respond effectively and efficiently


Conduct focused, school-by-school data review meetings to drive continuous improvement at the school and District levels

Build capacity of District staff and school teams to use data to drive improvement, including local plan and budget development

Utilize data to provide a multi-tiered system of support, distribution of resources, and earned autonomy to schools

Develop, align, and implement user-friendly performance monitoring systems and data dashboards accessible to all stakeholders

Establish common feedback systems for professional development to inform decisionmaking

Establish and support processes for program evaluation


By 2026, we will:

Increase the percentage of Whole Child platforms users by 25% and percentage of Executive Dashboard users by 10%

Evaluate 100% of all professional development completed through MyPLN using a standardized system

Implement annually at least three data sessions with designated priority schools

Increase the number of annual professional development sessions offered to school and District staff on data-driven decision-making