Strong Relationships

Pillar 3 Engagement and Collaboration


Strengthen relationships between families, students, and their schools to improve student success


Positive family-school partnerships cultivate students’ social and emotional well-being, create a sense of belonging in the school community, and build families’ capacity to engage in and support student learning


Support all school sites in developing a cohort of school volunteers and parent leaders

Develop resources and activities to promote regular school community events that engage family and staff

Link every student to a parent or guardian on the Los Angeles Unified App and Parent Portal

Expand community schools to identify and build on community assets and relationships

Establish a Family Academy to equip families with the skills, information, and networking opportunities to support students’ academic and social-emotional success

Provide opportunities for robust stakeholder engagement in the school budget development process

Offer professional development opportunities for educators to build capacity on strengthening relationships with families


By 2026, we will:

Increase the percentage of parents reporting on the School Experience Survey they feel welcome to participate at their school to 94% (from 86.3% in 2021-22)

Increase the percentage of students and parents or guardians linked on Parent Portal by 4% annually (from 81% in 2021-22)

Graduate at least 1,000 participants from Equity Course Pathways annually

Average at least 300 participants on Family Academy course catalog webinars

Host Annual School Goals and Budget Consultation processes at 100% of schools

Increase the percentage of volunteer applications that are processed within 30 days by 10% annually

Increase the percentage of families responding favorably on the School Experience Survey around overall customer service by 2% annually

Increase the number of school sites with employees completing the Family Empowerment micro-credential

Increase the number of community school initiative programs available in the District