Whole-Child Well-Being

Pillar 2 Joy and Wellness


Promote whole-child well-being through integrated health, nutrition, and wellness services


Attending to the well-being of the whole child lays a solid foundation for learning and development


Design and implement an integrated wellness policy and toolkit focused on holistic wellness

Establish a team of support personnel within each community to provide services that promote student wellness

Leverage community schools, wellness centers, and partnerships to promote safe, welcoming, and resource-rich environments for students and families

Elevate school nutrition with fresher, healthier, and more appealing options informed by family and student feedback

Provide a continuum of mental and physical health services for students and families at school, wellness centers, and through telehealth programs

Promote an active lifestyle through expanded opportunities for athletics, physical education, and community events

Conduct an inventory of whole-child resources in the community to facilitate access and referrals to needed services


By 2026, we will:

Exceed 70% positive response rate on biannual surveys regarding school meals

Increase access to whole-child wellness interventions

Increase the number of mental health consultations for staff and parents

Increase the number of students served and supported through mental health services

Increase Medi-Cal enrollment for students and families in communities with greatest needs