Honoring Perspectives

Pillar 3 Engagement and Collaboration


Honor and act upon the perspectives of students and everyone we serve


Listening to, elevating, and acting upon the voices of our students and community members promotes deeper engagement and improves our ability to serve responsively


Establish advisory councils with students, families, staff, and other key partners to inform action plans at the school and District levels

Regularly survey students and other stakeholders to capture multiple perspectives on their educational experience and establish ways we can collectively support our students

Collaborate with community partners and students to create meaningful leadership opportunities and internships to advance student leadership development and enrichment experiences

Ensure multiple methods of participation for accessing community events and opportunities to provide feedback


By 2026, we will:

Increase the percentage of parents completing the annual School Experience Survey to 60% (from 52% in 2021-22)

Increase the percentage of students responding favorably on the School Experience Survey around overall opportunities for participation and leadership by 2% annually

Increase the number of participants in Thought Exchanges and other feedback/input surveys

Increase the number of Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) educational partner engagement opportunities