Accessible Information

Pillar 3 Engagement and Collaboration


Provide clear, consistent, and accessible information to the community


Effective school and District communication builds trusting relationships and enables families, students, staff, and community members to serve as collaborative partners


Enhance and streamline District and school websites, communication channels, and social media to improve community access to news and information

Ensure all families are connected to the internet and have the training to access technology to promote communication and advocacy for student learning

Increase collaboration with media partners to share positive and uplifting stories of Los Angeles Unified

Provide school promotion training and resources

Improve internal communication structures to ensure all employees receive timely District news and important information

Communicate with families in multiple languages and modes to best meet their needs


By 2026, we will:

Increase the percentage of parents reporting on the School Experience Survey that their school provides them with information they can understand to 96% (from 91.2% in 2021-22)

Meet the needs of 100% of students who request a computing device, connectivity, and/or technical support

Increase primary website usage by 20%

Increase social media reach and engagement by 10%

Increase published media stories by 15%

Provide 100% of schools with resources, including training toolkits, to promote local programs and meaningful stories Communicate timely and relevant District information to 100% of employees

Increase outreach of messages in languages other than English and Spanish by 10%


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