Investing in Staff

Development and Uplifting of

Talented Staff to Serve all Students

Pillar 5

We believe in the boundless potential of each of our students, and realizing that potential is only possible when we recognize, empower, and support our staff. The most important factor in ensuring our students thrive and are ready for the world is having knowledgeable, caring, and courageous educators, school leaders, and support staff to guide them on their journey through Los Angeles Unified. The ambitious goals we have set for ourselves and for our students require a clear focus on the recruitment, development, and retention of talented and dedicated staff. Our commitment to upholding students’ joy and wellness, as well as their academic success, must be mirrored in our investments to sustain staff wellness and to build pathways for ongoing professional development, growth, and opportunities to excel.


5A Diverse Workforce: Effectively recruit and retain a highly qualified, diverse workforce committed to serving all students

5B Professional Learning: Provide competency-based, rigorous, and relevant professional learning

5C Staff Wellness: Cultivate staff wellness through responsive and affirming practices

5D High Performance Standards: Communicate and maintain consistent, high performance standards