Strategic Plan Budget Tracker

All Students Graduate Ready for the World


Los Angeles Unified has adopted the 2022-26 Strategic Plan that delineates five high-level Pillars representing the critical areas of focus for the next four years. Each Pillar contains several Priorities necessary to successfully support the Pillar, as well as Measures of Success and associated targets to gauge the progress in meeting our goals. Strategies are specific actions we can take at the school site, District and/or community levels to advance these priorities and help us meet our targets.

Los Angeles Unified’s Strategic Plan Budget Tracker will demonstrate how public dollars are allocated to the targeted initiatives outlined in the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan Budget Tracker allows users to see the relationship between dollars and initiatives down to the priority level, and allows the public to explore how priorities are funded and how the District plans to move the work forward.

Pillars and Priorities

The elements outlined below reflect new and inspiring approaches to best serve our students, as well as the proven work our educators, school leaders and support staff have been doing over the last several years that we will continue investing in and building upon. The strategies included in this plan will evolve and adapt to exemplify the best in public education.

These elements do not stand alone. Rather, they are interconnected and influence or support one another. While the priorities and strategies may be categorized in a particular area, each piece will work together in a coherent system to provide an exceptional education program to ensure all students graduate ready for the world.

Pillar 1: Academic Excellence

Rigorous and Responsive Academic Programs to Achieve Excellence for All

Pillar 2: Joy and Wellness

Safe and Healthy Environments to Promote Joy and Wellness

Pillar 3: Engagement and Collaboration

Authentic Engagement to Leverage the Power of Our Families, Communities, and Educational Partners

Pillar 4: Operational Effectiveness

Innovative Operations to Ensure Lasting Organizational Success

Pillar 5: Investing in Staff

Development and Uplifting of Talented Staff to Serve all Students