Louisiana Asset Management Pool (LAMP)

Supporting Local Governments by Combining the Efficiency of Private Enterprise with the Protection of Public Policy.

Investing on Behalf of Local Governments

Founded in 1994, The Louisiana Asset Management Pool (LAMP) allows local officials to collectively pool and invest funds to benefit from competitive yields, lower fees, and the same level of investment management services normally only available to large institutional investors.

The fund is operated by a non-profit corporation, LAMP, Inc. whose officers include the Treasurer of the State of Louisiana, who serves as president, a Chief Executive Officer, and a Chief Administrative Officer.

LAMP operates under Louisiana law as a cooperative endeavor to assist local Louisiana governmental entities in the investment of cash balances.

LAMP has Grown to 4,000+ Accounts with Assets Exceeding $2.3 billion,

as of June, 2019.


Preservation of Capital: The primary goal of the fund is to maintain a stable net asset value.

Daily Liquidity: LAMP offers same-day access to funds under management by toll-free phone, fax or online through MYACCESS with no transaction fees.

Competitive Yield: By pooling funds, local governments using LAMP have access to professional money management typically only available to large investors--allowing for higher yields and lower fees.

AAAm—the Highest Rating Given to Government Investment Pools.

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Since 1994, LAMP has Generated Over $533 million in Interest Earnings for Louisiana Public Agencies.

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